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Дата сообщения: 22.03.2008 02:27
Volleyball Manager is a series of volleyball management simulation games, written by polish volleyball fans Tomasz Ślusarek and Wojciech Sapiecha and developed since the beginning of 2005. It's a non-profit project and the all the games can be distributed only as freeware. The full version of the game was released on the 26 of September 2007 and it’s named Volleyball Manager 2007 (currently version 1.10 with squads updated to season 2007/2008 ) .

This game (using .NET Framework) includes an advanced match engine, a huge database with 8 thousands of realistic players, several dozens club competitions( the best known :Italian Serie A/Serie B, French Pro A/Pro B, Russian Superligue and Vyzsha Liga A, polish PLS, brazylian Superliga and argentinian Especial Liga, all European cup competitions) fully detailed national competitions (Olimpic games, World Champions, World League, World Cup,continental championships), FIVB and CEV rankings, press releases,bookmakers odds, plenty of options like training and tactics setup,sponsorship and finances. It is possible to add graphics packs to display players photos and club logos in the game (official or made by fans).
Future releases:

VM is still under development. We try to improve its speed and implement new features like playoff phase for all league competitions, new finance and management aspects and make the match engine more realistic than this is now. Game will be available in two language version: polish and english (February 2008 ) . New game versions will be available on official website:

English version is nearly finished so we are looking for english speaking tester - if you want to became a tester write a e-mail to or register on our official forum and write in this topic
Our page on wikipedia

If you'd like to help us develop the game or have any questions regarding VM, please contact us & join our community

Some photos

You can download it from

We are looking for russian people that could help us improve our russian database for example tell us about sponsors, indoor areans names and capacity, players abilities(for exapmle who is better in the game then in rality and weho should be improved). If any one is interested please contact with me by writing here or by email
We also encourage you to visit on forum
THe game is in english and you can manager teams from around 90 leagues including russian Superleague and Vyscha Liga A

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