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Автор: nod201
Дата сообщения: 07.11.2009 00:16
Всем привет
до этого дня что ест такой ос VxWorks незнаю на какую базу зделан но точно не юних должно быть тк ос ставится на фат32 причем на флеку

такова проблема
ест какойто медитцинский оборудивание и она грузится только через флешку + дополнительно было жесткий диск сакайзи который умер с данними но это не было важно, я так думаю там было только данные о болных и снимки какието
загрузочный работал как надо но его взяли созунули на другой ПК и тут антизвер захлопал пару файлов тк в натуре был вирус + загрузочние файли
флешку смело успели форматнут раз 1000 питаяс создоват загрузочный (професионали видема незнали что такое fixmbr fixboot)

Тепер вопрос
как вернут все как было ранше минуя убытий скарастной винт??? только вернут преждную загрузочную состояние флешки конешно путем создовая новую загрузочного флешку кто не быть знаком с таким ос (не думаю что это продукт дядя была)

инфо про саму оборудивание пока сам не имею если понадибится достану
диски любие для востоновление ос нету похожую образов диска говарят изначально не быль вообше

это было в влешку может поможет как то разеснит!!!
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Автор: TheYman
Дата сообщения: 24.07.2014 19:07
Привет ...
вот это почитай

How to Setup Concurrent PP332

Table of Contents

Scope    2
Introduction    2
Parts required    3
PP332/020-12U and AD PP5/001-30U switches    3
PP332 Connections    6
PP332 BIOS Setup    6
Main screen    7
Boot options    8
IDE Channel 0 Master – 2Gb Compact FLASH    9
Advanced    10
PCI Device Configurations    11
CPU Settings    12
Boot screen    13
To make 2GB CF from master files    14
Running Linux in detail    14
To make Bootable CF for PP332 with no master CF available    18
Trouble shooting    19
Computer stops working for no reason    19
No hyper terminal    19
No communication    19
Continuously reboots or just stops    19
Load error, complains it can’t find a file or just hangs    20
Missing RJ45 : RS232 connector/converter    20
Hyperterminal setup    20

This document is to document the upgrade of the Concurrent PP310 to the Concurrent PP332 CPU boards for the following products:


The Concurrent PP310 has been the workhorse single board computer (SBC) we have been using in the Sonoscope, Amalog, Truscope, Truscan, 4PWM, and Endsonic. It has now reached the end of its life and can no longer be purchased; it has been replaced with the PP332. This is almost a plugin replacement, almost but not quite.

The main difference is that there is no longer a monitor and keyboard connection, all configuration is done through a serial port.

It is no longer necessary to program the board with its IP address and other configuration information, this is now done from an XP machine using a compact flash (CF) reader.

There is a new VxWorks kernel (VxWorks-332) that needs to be loaded into the VxWorks folder.

The steps involved in an upgrade are:

1.    Copy VxWorks-332 into the VxWorks folder.
2.    Copy the file onto the desktop.
3.    Check the rear module is the right version. The right version has three (3) jumpers on the front. Two next to the CF and one above the floppy IDC connector (34 way). On the rear it will say P/N 72x 6138-30 rev. D
4.    Insert the new CF. Check it is the correct one for the product, it will be labeled with the product name, Sonoscope, Truscope, etc.
5.    Set switches!
6.    Carefully insert the boards and reconnect the Ethernet cables.
7.    Connect RJ45 cables to the serial port on the rear of the RTM marked COM2.
8.    Plug the RJ45 / DB9 converter into client 1 serial port. (xx) Plug in the desired RJ45 cable for the new board.
9.    Start Hyper Terminal (double click
10.    Power up the board and setup the BIOS.

These steps are explained below in more detail.

All the files are on the CD (-) that comes with the board as are the connector and cable.

Parts required
PP332 Concurrent CPU card    
PP AD5 Concurrent RTM    
CD with software    
RJ45 to serial converter    
Ethernet cable    
One of:    
CF (blank)    
CF (Sonoscope)    
CF (Amalog)    
CF (Truscope)    
CF (Truscan)    
CF (Truscan slave x)    
CF (Endsonic)     

PP332/020-12U and AD PP5/001-30U switches

PP332 (CPU Card in front)

1)    Insert battery
2)    Set switches,

Set switch 1/1 on the PP332 off. Switch 1 can be found at the extreme left front edge of the board when holding it by the ejector ears with the front towards you. It is between the ejector and the header socket. Switch 1/1 is the right most switch. Very small!

All other switches are as default.

PP AD5/001-30U (rear card with Compact Flash)

Ensure that all switches on the PP AD5 are set to the rear (default is to the front) and that the jumpers near the CF socket are set to the rear.

Make Compact Flash (CF) from master files

Copy the file PP332.boot.img to a USB memory stick.
Use a Linux system (Knoppix or DSL ) to copy the PP332.boot.img to the CF
Open a terminal and use the following commands, take care to get the drive letters correct!

sudo bash
dd if=/media/sda1/PP332.boot.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1M count=3

or similar, the sda and sdb refer to the USB drives so be careful. Wait until lights stop flashing before removing.

Be sure that the drives are correct BEFORE copying as there is no guarantee of the order in which the drives are installed.

This procedure is described in much more detail below under “Making CF in detail”

PP332 Connections

Insert an RJ45 (Ethernet) cable into COM2 on the rear, connect the other end to an Ethernet to serial connector (xx). Plug the serial connector into any convenient serial port (Client 1, Client 2, Server, or your laptop)



If HyperTerminal is available then copy the file from the CD to the computer you have plugged the serial cable into. Start Hyperterminal by double clicking the icon. (If this is the first time using hyperterminal answer any questions about area code, do not make it the default Telnet client, and don’t show the message again).


If HyperTerminal is not available then copy Putty from the CD to the computer you have plugged the serial cable into.

If this is the first time you are using this program it must be configured se the long version below for full details with screen shots. Otherwise double click the “Serial” entry in the ‘Saved sessions” box on the right hand side.

To setup up a serial session from scratch start Putty and in the right pane:
Select Terminal->Keyboard:
Backspace is Control-H
Function Keys and Keypad is VT100+
Select Connection->Serial:
COM1 (or which serial port you are using)
9600 baud
8 data
1 stop
No parity
No flow control
Select Session->Logging
    Session logging: Printable output
    Log file name: Putty-&H-&D-&T.log
    If file exists: Append
Select Session:
    Type “Serial”    into the Saved Sessions box, click “Save”
Click “Open”

PP332 BIOS Setup

Note: All keystrokes to be performed slowly.

Plug the serial cable into COM1 of the setup computer and COM2 of the cPCI computer. Switch on the cPCI and you should see the computer start up.

To enter the BIOS press the F2 key.

Note: Key strokes:
Cursor keys move up and down,
Tab key to next field
Enter to display choices
Space to cycle through choices

Escape key needs to be pressed TWICE! Goes back one screen.

Main screen

Set time & date
Disable Legacy Diskette
Select Boot Options & IDE Channel 0 Master

Boot options

Delay Before Boot [DISABLED]
Auto retry on boot fail [ENABLED]

IDE Channel 0 Master – Compact FLASH

Make sure the “TYPE” is AUTO. Press F4 and let it reboot.
Press F2 go back to the BIOS setup.
Return here and change the “TYPE” to USER (use the “-“ key or the space bar)
Move the cursor down to “LBA Mode Control” and select DISABLED.


Installed O/S: [OTHER]
Select PCI Device Configuration
Select CPU settings

PCI Device Configurations

Default is fine for most applications

The 4 probe, Truscan and Endsonic need different IRQ settings, as shown below:

NOTE: IRQ-H needs to be 10
CPU Settings

CPU Thermal Management [THERMAL MONITOR 2]

Boot screen

Make sure Hard Drive is first on list

Exit screen
Save User defaults

Select the LAST entry “Save User Defaults” answer “Yes” to the question. This will save all your selections to the onboard flash and means that if the backup battery dies the setting will not be lost. Change switch 1 of the bottom bank of switches to ON to complete this.

Select the top option “Exit Saving Changes” or the “F4” key.

Making CF in detail

Find the file dsl-4.4.10.iso and double click and it should open your CD burner to burn a bootable CD.

Insert the new disc into your laptop and reboot. DSL should boot. If it doesn’t then check your BIOS for boot options.

DSL will take some time to boot and it will go through describing what it has found on your computer (the hardware only, it will not touch your hard drive). Eventually a window will come up that says “DSL Info” close this.

Insert the USB stick with the PP332.boot.img on it, a window will open asking what to do with it. Open in new window, OK

This will open a window like this:

It will not be the same as this as it will list the contests of your USB stick. Pay attention to the “Location” which will be something like /media/sda1 or maybe /media/sdb1. Check that the PP332.boot.img is there. More detail can be seen by clicking View -> View Mode -> Detailed List view. Close this window.

Insert the Blank CF flash (I have tested this with CF sizes from 512MB to 8GB with no problems) and when asked what to do select ‘DO NOTHING”. Part of your screen will look like this:

Note the GREEN chevron by Hard Disk [sda1], sdb1 does not have one. If it does right click the drive and select unmount.

Hit Alt-F2 and this window will pop up

Type Konsole, then click “Run”, A terminal window will popup type the following commands (pay attention to case):

sudo bash
dd if=/media/sda1/pp332.boot.img of=/dev/sdb count=3 bs=1M
------wait until light on CF socket stops flashing

You can now shut down the laptop, the new CF is ready.
Move back to XP/Windows 7 and use the VxBootEdit program to make boot CFs for each product.

CF data

File:     VxWorks-332                
Host IP:                
IP Address                    
Ftp uUser:    mcftp                            
Password:    Target8                    
Target name:    a                    
Script:        a.cmd                 
Other:        ata0            

After editing the CF check that the file bootrom.sys is contiguous on the disc. To do this open a cmd window and run the command:

chkdsk f:\bootrom.sys

It will describe the disk and the last sentence will say if the file is contiguous or not. If it is not copy it to the desktop, delete it from the CF and copy it back to the CF from the desktop, rerun chkdsk to check the file is now contiguous on the disc.
To make Bootable CF for PP332 with no master CF available

1)    Plug in new blank CF to RTM
2)    Plug in USB Floppy to PP332
3)    Plugin serial cable (RJ45 --- DB9) see below for connections
4)    Set up bios using Hyperterminal – COM1, 9600,n,1, no handshaking,
VT100, ANSI,
5)    Boot from DOS 6.22 disk with, fdisk.exe and format.exe on it
6)    A:Fdisk
7)    Delete existing partition on hard disk
8)    Create one new partition 504Mb big
9)    Exit
10)    A:Format c: /s
11)    A:delete
12)    A:delete c:io.sys
13)    A:delete
14)    A:Vxsys c:
15)    Copy correct version of to c:

Use Linux to make copies of the new CF.

Trouble shooting
Computer stops working for no reason
It is possible that the battery that keeps the settings can lose power. If it does the computer just appears to stop working. To check this plug in a serial terminal, check that the settings are correct as shown in the BIOS section. If in doubt replace the battery, it is a CR2032 and is available in most pharmacies. It is replaced by removing the CPU card sliding out the old battery and sliding in a new one, check the polarity is correct!

No hyper terminal
Log in as local administrator, go to control panel, go to add / remove programs, go to Windows Components, go to Accessories, go to Communications, Check HyperTerminal.

No communication
•    Close and restart HyperTerminal
•    Ensure that the correct serial cable is plugged into client 1

Continuously reboots or just stops
If HyperTerminal shows the board booting and then shows:

VxLd 1.2 ……………………………………………………………………

And it either stops or reboots then the problem is that the file bootrom.sys can not be found on the CF. This can occur for two reasons:

•    The disk geometry in the BIOS is set up incorrectly, see section IDE Channel 0 Master – 2Gb Compact FLASH

•    The file is not contiguous on the CF, to check this remove the CF from the RTM ad insert into a CF reader connected to an XP computer (a CF USB reader plugged into client 1 is fine) and in a cmd window run the command:

chkdsk f:\bootrom.sys

where f: is the CF drive, change as required. This command will report the status of the bootrom.sys file as either contiguous or split into several parts. If it is split into several parts copy to the desktop, delete all files from the CF and then copy bootrom.sys back to the CF. Re-run chkdsk.

Load error, complains it can’t find a file or just hangs
•    Check that VxWorks-332 is in the VxWorks folder in AppExes.
•    Check that the correct Ethernet cable is plugged in, this is a favorite to get wrong, note that Eth0 on the RTM is next to the USB port and should be connected to the main Ethernet switch (the one with most of the cables)
Missing RJ45 : RS232 connector/converter

The necessary serial cable can be made locally. Use a regular Ethercable up to 25’ long (10m) and cut of one end. Solder a DB9 female to the cable the connections are:

RJ45 PLUG to DB9 connector wiring
, drawing number xx

RJ45        DB9
7 Orange    1
5 Red        2
4 Green    3
2 Brown    4
6 Black    5
1 White    7
8 Blue        8
3 Yellow    NC

Hyperterminal setup

File-> Properties
Tab – Connect to
9600 baud
8 bits
No parity
1 stop
No flow control

Tab - Settings
Terminal keys
Backspace => Ctrl+H
Emulation=> VT100

Terminal Setup
Cursor=> underline, Blink
Character set => ASCII

Check Wrap lines that exceed terminal width

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