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Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 07.01.2013 18:12

Resonic is a slick audio player and browser, built around a big waveform view.

Resonic plays your music files, sounds and samples out of your existing folders. It's built to be fast, reliable, and powerful. It does what it is supposed to do, without the bloat, and with exceptional usability.

Resonic is extremely handy for wading through large numbers of audio files. It can be used and understood by anyone, but it also comes with features appreciated by advanced users, audio professionals, and music producers.

Supported formats:
WMA, WMA Pro, WMA Lossless

Официальный сайт:


Последняя версия: 0.7.6 beta от 02-08-2016г.

Страницы загрузки: Resonic 0.7.6b или Portable (светлый интерфейс) | Resonic 0.7.1b MethLab Edition [more=(темный интерфейс)]Resonic.0.7.1.b.ME.port.7z 1 2 3[/more]
Автор: bavb
Дата сообщения: 25.01.2013 07:12
Alpha 620

Released January 24, 2013

New features:
Analyzer graphics now fully anti-aliased
Analyzer behavior and vertical scaling much more accurate
Experimental native support for the ShuttleXpress by Contour Design. For more information see
Natural sorting for files and folders: numbers in file and directory names are taken into account, and are now sorted exactly the same like in Windows Explorer (suggested: Billain)
New peak level meter (PPM) with completely reworked code. Peak range is -90 dB to 0 dB, fall-off response is dynamically adjusted.
Multiple files can now be selected without auto-starting playback: To do so simply click files while holding down CTRL or SHIFT, like you would normally do in Windows Explorer.
Splash screen can now be configured via Menu | Interface.
By default only one Resonic instance is now allowed at once. Running instances are reused (suggested: Billain), all command line parameters and options are passed over. You can now also (safely) run multiple instances of Resonic, see Menu | Application.
Selection rectangles can now be drawn, and while you are holding down CTRL the selected files will never auto-play.
New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+L toggles level meter
New shortcut: F5 refreshes current file list
New shortcut: CTRL+F5 refreshes both browser and file list
New shortcut: CTRL+ENTER selects current file in Windows Explorer
New shortcut: SHIFT+CTRL+ENTER selects current file's folder in Windows Explorer
New shortcut: CTRL+A selects all files in current file list
New shortcut: CTRL+C copies selected files / the highlighted file to clipboard
New shortcut: CTRL+X cuts selected files / the highlighted file to clipboard
New shortcut: PAUSE (BREAK) key toggles mute
New shortcut: F4 toggles left panel, including browser
Added file list context menu (right click)
Drag and drop folders or files from Windows Explorer / other applications onto the folder browser to change folders in Resonic.
Drag and drop folders or files from Windows Explorer / other applications onto the file list to change folders in Resonic and start playing.

Analyzer resolution doubled for better overall accuracy and smoother animations
Improved frequency display in analyzer (thx Martin)
Linear analyzer now visualizes frequencies up to 16 kHz
Logarithmic analyzer now visualizes the full spectrum
Improved low volume resolution in waveform, ie. you can now better distinguish between low volume peaks and digital silence in audio material.
Optimized file listing for folders with several thousand files in them
Playback starts faster now for most audio files
Bigger visualization button (right below the level meter)
For your convenience SPACE now also restarts the current file, if stopped
CTRL+DEL now also recycles multiple selected files in one go, or the highlighted file
New shortcuts are available when the folder browser is focused: The UP and DOWN keys select a folder, the RIGHT and LEFT keys expand or collapse a folder, and the ENTER key plays the first file in the folder.
Interface color theme and graphics updates
Couple more sleep timer presets, and restructured menu. See Menu | Sleep Timer.

Fixed level meter never reaching full 0 dB (reported: B. Hudák)
Fixed files not always being sorted correctly when changing folders
Fixed some non-critical graphics memory leaks
Fixed waveform being cut off at very low peak values, which was mostly visible with samples and speech recordings
Numerous bugfixes in database code, adding extra stability
Fixed startup error (Abnormal program termination) when trying to run three or more instances of Resonic
Advanced options for prescans and peak cache are now saved and restored properly

Known issues
Known issue: File list does not auto-update after cutting files. You have to manually refresh it by pressing F5.

To select multiple, individual files hold CTRL and click.
To select a range of files hold SHIFT and click.
A note on Menu | Advanced | Use accurate pre-scans: Accurate pre-scans scan audio files more accurately, which impacts how fast files start playing. In almost all cases there is a noticable delay with this option enabled. Depending on the length of the audio file in question this can take up quite a bit, eg. with single-file mixes that last an hour or more. If you like it the proper Resonic way, meaning your audio files start playing almost instantly, make sure that this option is disabled, which is the default. However, if you're having problems with certain compressed variable-bitrate (VBR) files showing waveform peaks that either seem misplaced, or completely off, enabling accurate pre-scans will most likely fix the problem.

От себя: что-то подобное 1by1, но в более современном оформлении, автор очень отзывчивый, сразу отвечает на письма и с радостью ждет предложения. Планирует: многоязычная поддержка, ассоциации с файлами. (это из того, что я спрашивал)
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 17.04.2013 22:48
Resonic Alpha 840

[more=So many changes]New features
Waveform scanning now about twice as fast, also for multi-channel files
Meta data listing fixed and now also several times faster, especially for files with incomplete tags (thx Martin)
Introducing the notification and status bar, which replaces most of the annoying message popups. It sits at the bottom of the main window and shows various kinds of messages in the colors green, yellow, orange, and red.
Number of files in current folder and total size now shown in status bar
Customizable columns (right-click file list header). Column settings, sort column, and direction are all saved and restored.
Option to 'Avoid horizontal scrollbar, if possible' (right-click file list header), which is enabled by default. This feature will try to maximize the main column, and right-align all other columns so that the scrollbar is never shown. When the user resizes the main column (filename) tis option is automatically disabled, and a message is shown. If it's not possible to avoid the scrollbar a message is shown.
Sort column and direction remembered when changing folders
Sort column background now highlighted
It's now possible to sort by columns that contain information which is not immediately available, like tags or audio properties. Depending on the sort column Resonic might sort the file list again when all the required information is available.
It's now possible to sort by the little colored squares that describe the kind of content in the audio file, i.e. blue for lossless, orange for lossy, or green for music. Just click the column header to sort by the colored squares.
Full multi-monitor support for any combination of screen sizes and arrangements for saving and restoring window position and size. If the window is more than half of its width or height out of either side of the multi-monitor setup it is automatically recovered. With Save window position enabled you can now safely move Resonic, for example, to a second screen, maximize it there, and have it saved and restored there. Resonic can now also span multiple monitors.
Volume presets (right-click volume bar)
Save and restore user volume (right-click volume bar)
Slimmer transport bar and slightly smaller playback controls
Added Explore and select folder to context menu in browser (suggested: PHM)
File listing speed improved on Windows 8, especially for folders containing thousands of audio files
Mouse cursor can now automatically be hidden when on visualization (see Menu | Visualization).
You can now middle-click the waveform to pause/continue/start playback
New shortcut: NUMPAD+1 jumps to the beginning of the file
New shortcut: NUMPAD+2 jumps to the middle of the file
New in file list context menu: Refresh (F5) and Refresh browser (CTRL+F5)
New in browser context menu: Refresh browser (CTRL+F5)
Confirmation dialogs that are displayed when Resonic wants to open the web browser now also show the web address that is about to be opened
New icon in the lower left corner shows the state of the sidebar (left panel) and lets you toggle it when clicked (same as F4)

Overall performance improvements
Window restores slightly faster
Playback advances to next track slightly faster
Volume context menu (right-click volume bar) is now aligned
Analyzer accuracy (not resolution) doubled for sampling rates above 48 kHz, which takes a little more processing power.
Vertical analyzer scale slightly adjusted for musicality. Note that an accurate mode as well as vertical zoom is planned for all analyzers in Resonic Pro.
Improved stability of analyzer code
Numerous color theme and graphics adjustments
Left-click the filename in the header to browse to its folder
CTRL+click the filename in the header to select the file in Explorer
Build date in window title now only shown once on startup, then hidden
Selected sleep timer method now shown in menu (Menu | Sleep Timer)
New behavior: The Play button now continues playback when paused, or restarts playback from the beginning when stopped or already playing. This also applies to the taskbar controls (reported: BTGbullseye)

Fixed Error state not always being shown for non-playable or broken files
Fixed occasional overflow bug when playing the first file with analyzer active
Corrected analyzer sometimes peaking way too high, a side effect of making low peaks more visible. This will further improve in updates.
Fixed analyzer being completely off for sample rates other than 44.1 kHz. Also the upper frequency was off, values shown were always representing 44.1 kHz, and the frequency display was cut off for rates lower than 44.1 kHz. All these issues were fixed. (reported: BTGbullseye)
Fixed wrong frequency values being shown with sample rates above 96 kHz when mouse-hovering the linear analyzer.
Fixed show/hide footer menu item not following state (reported: R. Johnson)
Fixed the NUMLOCK key accidently toggling mute. Note that mute can always be toggled with the PAUSE key.
Windows XP: Color fixes when running with classic design (reported: Andreasvb)

You can click and drag some of the free spaces in header bar, transport bar, and status bar to move the main window.
Web: Beta and pre-release testing forum up at Apply only if you're serious.[/more]
Автор: Andarin
Дата сообщения: 10.08.2013 17:04
Интересно, вроде как Ru-board, со своими правилами (раздел VI), а здесь всего две неполные строчки на русском (не считая надписей самого форума), и то не у Gold'а
Автор: Skif_off
Дата сообщения: 10.08.2013 17:51
Advanced Member - достаточное условие, чтобы привести шапку в порядок

Что значит "современное оформление"? Эта прыгающая, не отключаемая картинка? Waveform Seekbar кэширует и кэш очищается исключительно через меню. И, кстати, после выпиливания подобного компонента из foobar2000, он стал запускаться заметно шустрее.
По внешнему виду - название/техданные трека лучше показывать внизу. Плюс, бросающийся в глаза - столбцы Artist & Title, 1by1 показывает только имя файла (хотя есть шаблон инфобара, не копался еще).
В отличие от 1by1 не блокирует файлы, хотя удаляет только в корзину, и не падает на wma.
Совсем непонятно, зачем две bass.dll (\addons\bass.dll & \bass.dll)?
Portable-версия занятно сохраняет настройки: в \profiles\%username%@%comrutername%\
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 15.10.2013 16:24
Resonic Alpha 910

[more=So many changes]New features
New button for Stop after current (red line symbol), which was originally part of the playback mode button (sequential, random). When enabled a vertical red line at the end of the waveform indicates that playback is about to stop the current file has finished. Additionally – on Windows 7 and 8 – a Stop after current indicator is shown as part of the Resonic icon in task bar when large task bar icons are enabled in Windows (which is the default).
New start-up resume feature, see Menu | Playback: Saves folder, file, and play position when you close Resonic, restores folder, file, and play position when you restart Resonic. Hold down the CTRL key while Resonic is starting up to prevent start-up resume.
New A-B repeat feature: During playback left-click the A-B button once to set the start position (A point), left-click it again to set the end position (B point), your selected A-B region is now highlighted and will loop indefinitely. To clear the A-B region left-click the button a third time, or right-click the button any time. The minimum length of an A-B region is one second. Hint: You can seek in the audio file before you set the end position.
New Maintain position feature ("->|->" button): Maintains playback position when switching from a playing file to another file, continuing at the exact position where the first file left off. Very useful for both audio professionals and occasional music listeners, this can for example be used to: Compare various versions of bounces, mixes, masters. Preview whole albums or sets of tracks with just a few clicks.
New waveform style selection (Menu | Visualization | Waveform style) with four preset styles to pick from: Classic – Resonic classic waveform (default) Interlace – simple version of the classic waveform Plain – single-color waveform with outline Outline – just the waveform outline; as minimal as it gets
Volume bar reworked from scratch: faster, more reliable
Volume bar now shows the current volume level in percent while in use. Caption is automatically hidden after a couple of seconds. Resonic Pro will show the level in decibels by default.
Volume bar now does smooth transitions when changing volume via left-click
New advanced option: Disable waveform cache. With the waveform cache disabled each time you play a file the waveform is rescanned and no cache data is written to the hard drive. Most users should leave this option untouched.
Header filename can now be right-clicked for a menu
New shortcut: ALT+WHEEL on file list play-scrolls through the files, which can be used to quickly preview lots of smaller audio files
New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+WHEEL on file list plays a random file
New shortcut: SHIFT+TAB switches between visualizations (just like F12)
New shortcut: CTRL+L toggles looping (just like NUM+/)
Information bar: Now shows whether files are variable bitrate (VBR)

Overall performance improvements
Core player completely rewritten for better stability and future functionality
Core event handling overhauled for better UI performance
Slightly improved tag scanning speed
Waveform: Improved digital silence detection and visualization
Waveform: Dotted lines are now hidden when it's of no use to show them, e.g. when channel heights too small
Muted state and mute volume are remembered and restored. To try this mute volume, close Resonic, restart it, and then un-mute.
Mute, un-mute, and dim now smoothly change volume
When muted the volume bar now visualizes its previous value, grayed out.
Time display reworked from scratch: faster, aligned
Improved browser refreshes for smoother updates
When you try to start playback without an active file (e.g. after start-up) Resonic now plays the first file in current folder.
Updated logo graphic in upper right corner
Slightly smoother header/label updates when switching files
Improved support for OGG OPUS tags
Improved tag parsing of corrupted FLAC files

Removed Alternative waveform option in favor or waveform styles

Fixed level meter flickering at low volumes
Important problem fixed where sometimes tagged files refused to play on the first attempt (red error message) when switching between files really fast
Fixed filename column splitter not being clickable (reported: Andreasvb)
Fixed duration label showing wrong popup menu
Fixed level meter having a top padding, which is reserved for peak value display and peak hold in Resonic Pro (reported: M. Lapierre)
Fixed ended files not restarting from beginning when clicked in file list
Fixed undesired fade-in dampening the first transient in audio files when clicking stop, then play. This is an important fix if you're working with loops (reported: M. Lapierre)
Fixed filenames passed via command-line being case-sensitive
Fixed occasional weird behavior when pressing ALT repeatedly (focus was lost)
Information bar: Now updated only when visible, which reduces overhead a little bit when files start to play
Icon for playback mode Random updated. Expect a proper Shuffle playback mode in a future release.
Fixed interface not updating properly when looping module music files
Fixed volume occasionally not going back up when playing from beginning with loop mode enabled (reported: M. Drabik)[/more]
Автор: Andarin
Дата сообщения: 15.10.2013 19:40

Advanced Member - достаточное условие, чтобы привести шапку в порядок

Английский знаю достаточно лишь для того, чтобы понимать самому, но недостаточно, чтобы сходу, без словаря, перевести так, чтобы было понятно другим и не было стыдно за перевод.
А вообще плеер понравился в чём-то больше, чем 1by1.
Автор: Skif_off
Дата сообщения: 15.10.2013 21:16
Я имел в виду только права на правку шапки и ничего более
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 24.01.2014 17:51
Resonic Alpha v0.58.999

[more=So many changes]New features
Fixed and improved a large number of usability and performance features
Drag & Drop directly from the file list to other applications like Windows Explorer, DAWs, audio and video editors, other players, etc. Drag & Drop of multi-selections is supported. This feature is still experimental.
Overall interface performance improved, e.g. file switching
Overall disk performance improved and optimized
Several visual improvements and fixes for themed and non-themed Windows XP, themed and non-themed Windows 7 (Aero, Aero Basic, and especially Classic).
Faster application start-up, especially for users with (many) browser bookmarks and multiple hard disks.
Much faster application exit, which also improves the occasional seconds-long exit delay experienced by some users. When Resonic takes a little longer to start up it is probably attempting to access a slow location on an external, sleeping, or network drive, e.g. your last played folder/file. If this happens a lot to you consider disabling the start-up resume feature.
Files can now be pasted directly into the active folder with CTRL+V, or via the file list context menu.
When files are successfully cut or copied (CTRL+X or CTRL+C) to the clipboard a message is now shown for a brief moment
New Select + Deselect Files feature, lets you select (ALT+NUM+) and deselect (ALT+NUM-) multiple files at once. Press the shortcuts twice to quickly apply the mask and close the dialog, e.g. press ALT+NUM- twice to quickly deselect all files. You can do multiple selects or deselects to refine the current selection. Wildcards (* and ?, e.g. *.mp3) are supported, but are optional: without wildcards any filename that contains the entered text matches.
Introducing frequency analyzer styles, starting with a minimalistic Outline style (see Menu | Visualization).
A-B repeat area now stays intact when the Maintain position feature (">|>" button) is enabled and you switch from one playing file to another, restarting the loop from the beginning. This opens up new possibilities, e.g. for comparing parts of mixes.
A-B repeat region can now be set while playback is paused. The A position can also be set while playback is stopped, i.e. the region will start at the beginning of the file (suggested: LopDog)
Ogg-Opus output gain now defaults to 0dB, ignoring any Replaygain tags, and reproducing the audio as-is (reported: Andreasvb)
Visualization area (e.g. waveform) can now be toggled via Menu | Interface or with CTRL+F12. When hidden the F12 key will first turn it back on, then cycle as usual. Note that this also hides the level meter. Waveforms are still being scanned even when the visualization area is hidden, but the level meter does not use up any processing time.
Compact volume bar option. To enable it right-click the volume bar and select Compact.
New method to quickly seek in the current audio file: Use the mouse wheel over the playback time display (next to loop and A-B buttons).
Playback time display can now be hidden via Menu | Interface
Mouse wheel now also controls volume while the mouse cursor is over the header bar, information bar, transport bar, or footer bar.
Explorer context menus: Hold down the SHIFT key and right-click a file or folder to show the Windows Explorer context menu instead of the Resonic context menu. Note that this currently only works for single files and folders, not for multi-selections.
New Dismiss and Deselect item in file list popup menu closes the popup menu and clears the current multi-selection.
New column: Rating. Resonic now reads and displays ID3v2 ratings as 0 to 5 stars. When a rating is unavailable - is displayed. Ratings written by other software like Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Media Monkey, are interpreted intelligently for compatibility. Ratings written by foobar2000 are also supported.
New and updated file list icons: Stereo: big square, Mono: small square, Multi-channel: four squares. Icon colors remain the same: Blue: lossless files (e.g. wav), Orange: lossy files (e.g. mp3), Green: music files (e.g. xm).
Double-click a folder to open that folder and start playback at the first file
Right-click stop button for an experimental Stop with fade-out feature
New Properties item in file list popup shows a single file's properties like Explorer does (ALT+ENTER).
New experimental feature: Focus indicators. They show you which main part of the application currently has the input focus and can be enabled via Menu | Interface. This feature might be removed in a future update though.

Smoother level meter
Show in Explorer now also works for file list multi-selections
Menu button usability improved: menu button now toggles when clicked (thx Martin)
Improved ESC key behavior: When file list is active ESC clears the current selection. When file list is not active ESC sets the input focus to the file list.
Startup resume feature now also restores paused state. To try this pause a track, then close down Resonic and restart it.
Reworked serveral parts of how the file list reacts to user input
File list selections now stay intact during automatic track changes, and also when you click the next/previous buttons.
Improved file list right-click and multi-selection behavior
Smaller rescan button, text removed in favor of icon
Slightly bigger splitters, which makes it easier to grab and resize both the waveform and the side-bar panel
Scanning performance greatly improved for module music (mod, xm, it, etc.) when Events visualization (F12) is active.
Playback buttons now only respond to right-clicks when there is a menu to show
Loop button now correctly disables both the Stop after current button and the visual stop indicator (vertical red line) at the end of the waveform
Several theme color changes
You can now press the UP key at the top of the file list to jump to the last file, and the DOWN key at the bottom to jump to the first file.
Double-click a folder to open it and start playing its first file. The focus is now set to the file list so you can immediately use the arrow keys (i.e. UP and DOWN) afterwards for navigation.
When active file in list is not selected it will be selected on first click, then restart playback on subsequent clicks. When active file in list is selected, will always restart playback.
In Random playback mode the active file is now automatically centered

Removed left padding in browser for a little extra space

Fixed and improved right-click behavior with file list selections. Also, right-click will no longer accidentally start playback.
Fixed Resonic being unable to play files that reside in hidden folders. When you play files inside a hidden folder Resonic will now list the folder's contents while keeping it hidden in the browser. Expect an option to show hidden folders and files in a future version. This fixes the issue where files received in Skype could not directly be opened with Resonic.
Fixed incomplete waveforms being saved when closing Resonic while a file is still being scanned (reported: M. Tofall)
Fixed clickable area of playback time display in transport bar (reported: mrfox)
Fixed mouse click not always triggering properly on playback time display
Fixed random play mode not working properly with taskbar controls
Fixed Play not restarting properly when Maintain position feature is enabled
Fixed file list selections affecting playback order. The next/previous file will now always start at the active/playing file, even if the current selection is somewhere else.
Fixed SHIFT and arrow keys not selecting files
Unsupported drives and external devices are now hidden in browser
Fixed some notification messages being visible for brief moments only
Fixed right-click in both file list and browser not properly selecting items
Fixed white header overlapping waveform on startup when Remember window position option is enabled (reported: Andreasvb)
Fixed several other small issues
Fixed crash with certain large-pattern module music files
Fixed issue with certain module music files where error messages kept popping up

This is the final Alpha of Resonic Player[/more]
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 29.03.2015 01:24
Первая бетка
Resonic v0.6 beta

Release Summary
This huge release officially marks the start of Resonic's Beta phase.

All parts of the application have been rethought, reworked,
or rewritten from scratch.

Besides countless performance improvements this release introduces
an improved user interface, including all new waveform code,
a new file list, and a new browser with folder monitoring.

Meta/waveform data is currently only partially cached,
i.e. after Resonic starts scans will always restart from the beginning.
Full disk caching is coming in one of the next Beta releases.
The Sleep Timer was moved from main menu to a "zZz" button in the status bar (lower right).
The timer's options can be changed any time, even while it's running.
The timer can be aborted with a click on the countdown time.
The Events visualization mode for module music is currently not implemented.
Sound output options are coming in one of the next two Beta updates,
which will be smaller and more frequent.

[more=Подробнее]New features
Major visual and functional user interface rework (buttons, tabs, colors, etc.)
New powerful meta core with extensive support for a vast range of meta data stored
in several important file formats.
This core paves the way for many upcoming meta-related features.
Browser rewritten for overall improved performance,
no longer blocks interface while folders are being expanded,
which is especially noticeable on portable or slow devices (e.g. cell phones)
Browser now supports folder monitoring,
i.e. external changes made to folders (create, rename, delete, etc.)
are reflected in Resonic's browser.
Playback starts much faster now
Window restore much faster and less jumpy, especially when maximized
Folder changes much faster, less jumpy file list columns
About dialog (see Menu | Help) with full list of credits
Improved audio drop-out stability by reading/decoding files in parallel
Number and size of selected files now shown in footer image
Tray icon and context menu (minimize to tray with ALT+M)
In addition to Always minimize to tray you can now also Always close to tray,
i.e. Resonic goes into system tray when you close it,
or when you press the windows X' button (see Menu | Interface).
Playback advance now delays for a second after a file fails to play
New percentage mode for time display, in addition to the classic timecode.
To enable it check the right-click context menu. image
New option allows you to toggle filename in main window title.
To access it right-click the filename in the header and use Show name in window title.
Fast clicks on file list items are now registered properly (reported: M. Lapierre)
You can now use the mouse wheel on certain buttons (!)
like visualization type (next to volume bar) or advance mode (sequential/random).
You can now prevent notification messages in status bar from going away automatically
by keeping the mouse on them
New default waveform style: Solid,
a simple but elegant single-color waveform, as seen in many classic wave editors
(see Menu | Visualization | Waveform style).
Waveform peaks are no longer scanned when the waveform is invisible
or when the visualization area is hidden (CTRL+F12).
This results in a significant performance boost in situations where waveforms
are simply not required, for example:
You just want to browse or manage files without visualization.
You just want to use the analyzer.
New shortcut: BACKSPACE goes up one level in folder tree, when browser has input focus
New shortcut: ALT+NUM* inverts the current file selection
New column: 'Track #', track number read from file tags, e.g. ID3 (suggested: trucmuch) image
New column: Extension, just the file's extension.
When the Extension column is visible file extensions in the File name column are hidden.
Bookmarks are now sorted by display name
Most file format plugins are now loaded dynamically and when needed,
thus reducing the overall memory footprint
Native PCM preview support for Direct Stream Digital (DSD) formats,
supporting .dsd and .dsf files and the following rates:
DSD64, DSD128 (double-rate), DSD256 (quad-rate), and DSD512 (octuple-rate).
Seeking across files is now possible.
Near the end of a file a forward seek now moves on to the next file instead
of playing out the current file, which makes it easy to quickly jump
across multiple files (right arrow, mouse wheel on time display, etc.)
ENTER or double-click on a folder now activated the file list,
i.e. sub-sequent use of the UP and DOWN keys will affect the file list.
To go back to the browser you can always press TAB.
FLAC core decoder updated to 1.3.1
Use ALT+WHEEL to seek in the track when mouse is inside visualization area
(on waveform, analyzers, etc.).
Note that ALT+WHEEL on the file list jumps between tracks.
Use CTRL+ALT+WHEEL to randomly seek in the track when mouse is inside the visualization area
(on waveform, analyzers, etc.).
You can now click and hold the A-B button, then release it after a while to set a loop.
Update check, looks for new versions on the internet (can be disabled).
Dim button next to mute button (and volume bar) lets you temporarily lower the playback volume.
Note that you can also hold the SPACE key pressed to temporarily dim volume,
then release it to undim volume.
Option to combine play and pause buttons into one (see Menu | Interface),
which changes behavior from play/pause/restart to just play/pause.
However, you can now middle-click the play button to always restart the playing track,
regardless of the play/pause buttons being combined or not.
By default Resonic Player now starts up with the buttons combined.
New shortcuts: PAUSE/BREAK key toggles volume mute, ALT+PAUSE/BREAK toggles volume dim.

New default waveform style is now Solid
Much improved and correct representation of short audio files
Improved overall application performance
Improved file list code, supports playlists in future builds
Improved overall playback stability and file list handling
Browser icon support improved (libraries, etc.)
Partial support for interface scaling on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1
Improved text rendering in visualizations image
Taskbar progress no longer updated for short files
Website: Online changelog (what's new) improved, and several other changes
Play position no longer drawn in analyzer visualization for very short files
Improved frequency value display for logarithmic and linear analyzers
Focus is now set to file list on double-click or ENTER on a folder.
Hint: You can use TAB to switch focus between browser and file list at any time.
Improved localization system (multi-language support) for faster loading
Improved overall file list handling and selections
Improved database performance and greatly reduced disk accesses when option
Allow multiple instances is disabled, which is the default setting.
Last-playing waveform is restored with less delay on application startup
Improved event rendering in event visualization (for module music)
Icon column in file list (lossy/lossless/etc.) can now be moved
Renamed Avoid horizontal scrollbar option to Auto-fit to width (columns)
Fixed jumpy frequency display in analyzer when playback starts (and after stop)
No more runaway track advances with very short sound files.
When you press stop, it stops.
Use CTRL+WHEEL on file list to play the previous/next file (previously: ALT+WHEEL)
Use ALT+WHEEL on file list to play a random file (previously: CTRL+ALT+WHEEL)

Fixed splash screen painting on top of startup error messages (reported: ExtremRaym)
Fixed hints sometimes interfering with popup menus
Fixed playlist advance with unplayable files
Fixed occasional endless loop in folders that contain only unplayable files
Fixed playlist position not being updated properly after deleting files with CTRL+DEL
(reported. P. Greiss)
Fixed bug where standard Windows delete/copy/cut dialogs might disappear
and cause weird GUI behavior
Fixed playback auto-starting in certain cases when ALT+TAB or TAB is pressed
Fixed Hz column (sample rate) showing incorrect information (reported: S. Quinn)
Fixed next/previous folder shortcuts (CTRL+UP / DOWN) not working in certain situations
Countless other fixes and corrections, not mentioned here
Support for additional ID3v1 genres

Removed classic Resonic Alpha waveform styles in favor of performance
Removed experimental feature Focus indicators[/more]
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 02.04.2015 09:33
Resonic v0.6.1 beta

Release Summary
This is a maintenence release, it does not introduce new features.
Update only if any of the fixes apply to you.
You can install on top of your existing installation.

More visible status bar notices
Improved the way long paths are handled

Application crashes during startup with certain system locales (reported: wira)
Application does not start on latest Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview (reported: S. Mogilevtsev)
Files in deep folder structures (long paths) will show, but won't play (reported: A. Fodor)
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 12.04.2015 20:23
Resonic v0.6.2 beta

New features
Basic sound card selection in preferences dialog.
DirectSound will eventually be replaced with WASAPI and ASIO (Pro).
Changes take effect on track change.
Resonic now creates mini dumps when it crashes.
You are presented the option to open up your email application
and send us a bug report to help us fix the bug that caused the crash.

Sound driver is now re-opened when needed, e.g. when it was blocked
by another application before.
Advance mode button is highlighted when not playing sequentially

Fixed occasional line jitter when moving mouse over waveform
Fixed bug in update check
Автор: Andarin
Дата сообщения: 12.04.2015 21:18

DirectSound will eventually be replaced with WASAPI and ASIO (Pro).

Самое-самое на Pro (платную?) оставлено. Хотя про цены там пока туманно.
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 08.07.2015 07:15
Resonic v0.6.3 beta

[more=Подробнее]Release Summary
This release adds much improved drag & drop functionality, a rename bookmark feature, and fixes several bugs and issues.

You can now drag & drop copy and move single and multiple files onto Resonic's browser from within Resonic, from Windows Explorer, and from other applications.
You can also drag & drop directly to Skype.

Please note that you'll have to re-configure some of your settings (e.g. hotkeys) because of heavy internal changes. Your bookmarks won't be touched.

New features
Much improved drag & drop support for both browser and file list.
Supports play, copy, and move operations.
The copy operation is the default, but copy/move can be toggled by holding down
the CTRL or SHIFT key while dragging.
You can now drag & drop copy one or more files from Resonics file list onto folders in Resonics browser.
Hold down SHIFT while dragging to move the files.
You can now drag & drop copy one or more files from Windows Explorer onto folders in Resonics browser.
Hold down SHIFT while dragging to move the files.
Bookmarks can now be renamed.
Right-click any bookmark in browser and select Rename bookmark.
To restore its default name enter an empty name.
You can create new folders in Resonics browser.
Right-click on a parent folder, select New folder. or use the CTRL+SHIFT+N shortcut. which is the same as in Windows Explorer.
Resonic now comes with custom tiles for Windows 8/8.1/10 users.
Files can now be dragged and dropped directly into applications that previously didn't accept the drop, e.g. Skype, Miranda IM, etc.
This works for both the file list and the header filename.
This includes explicit support for Skype.
Window can now be moved by dragging the header bar.
Turn off monitor option for sleep timer.
Click the zZz button in the lower right of the application window, then go to the sleep type menu and select Turn off monitor.
This option works for all sleep types that don't turn off the computer, for example Exit (and turn off monitor).
A-B loops are now taken over to the next file when the Maintain position feature is enabled.
This is useful for listening to/comparing the same region in different files or to quickly listen through a whole album.
Experimental support for Audio CD files (.cda), although without waveform.
Please report any weird behavior or findings.

Optimized visualizations (waveform, level meter, etc.) for slightly less CPU use.
Improved file drag and drop, e.g. a file type icon is shown now where available.
Updated all Explorer icons

Volume bar sometimes did not repaint properly (reported: S. Panin)
Splash screen sometimes caused crashes when clicked rapidly (reported: A. Ginhoux)
Browser did not behave as expected during incremental search, i.e. during quick-search via letters, also ENTER starts folder playback as intended. (reported: Shyman)
Browser did not behave as expected when the header filename is clicked, i.e. it did not scroll to the active file's folder.
Both browser and file list are now synced to the active file.
Folders that use custom icons no longer appear hidden (transparent icons). (reported: ExtremRaym, user of Rainbow Folders)
Wave files with garbage fact chunks could not be played back correctly (reported: MrMichaelz)
Files tab occasionally not showing up on first start.
Mouse wheel not working in preferences dialog (hotkeys).
Volume bar didn't repaint properly when compact mode is toggled (reported: Andreasvb)[/more]
Автор: wvxwxvw
Дата сообщения: 08.07.2015 13:59
Да 80% функций которые описаны на этой странице в плеере отсутствуют. Так что на Pro не самое вкусное оставлено, а вообще все, в том виде в каком есть плеер пустышка в плане продвинутых опций и визуализаций. Ну а как просто плеер очень даже ни чего, звук хороший и интерфейс не навязчивый, что ли. В общем понравился, поживет на флешке.
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 21.12.2015 14:13
Resonic v0.7 beta

[more=Подробнее]Release Summary
This long-awaited update introduces Resonic to the Windows 10 platform, comes with much faster startup, improved file and folder monitoring, much improved Explorer integration, folder drag & drop from Resonic to other applications, and many more additions as well as bug fixes.

New features
Windows 10 is now officially supported.
Browser handles deleted or moved folders more elegantly by focusing the next available sibling folder.
If that's not possible it will fall back to the parent folder.
Restore last played folder on startup option (see Menu | Playback).
Turn off this option if you prefer Resonic not restoring the previously played folder on startup, which may speed up plays from Explorer/command-line,
depending on the way you're working.
Improved background file monitoring (file list).
Files are no longer locked can be deleted while they are open in Resonic, some even when they are playing.
This not only works when files are deleted inside of Resonic, but also when files are deleted outside of Resonic, e.g. using Windows Explorer.
Improved background folder monitoring (browser).
Sub-folders can now be deleted without receiving Access denied errors from Windows.
If the playing folder needs to be deleted the currently playing file needs to be closed first, which can be done manually by pressing CTRL+W.
However, playing folders can now also easily be recycled while staying inside of Resonic by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DEL (see below).
You can now recycle the folder that contains the currently playing file by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.
Playback is stopped automatically, playng files are closed.
The setup version (.msi) of Resonic, which is highly recommended because of its neat Explorer integration, now supports opening multiple files at once.
These files will be put into a From Explorer playlist tab, which will disappear when Resonic closes down.
You can now drag & drop copy single folders from Resonic's browser to Explorer and to other applications.
Hold down SHIFT while dragging to move the folder instead.
Custom themed scrollbars.
Custom themed menus replace slow standard Windows menus, intelligent submenu behavior improves overall usability.
You can use NUMPAD+3 to jump to the A-B region's left locator.
File list column context menu now shows more descriptive column names image.
You can now paste (CTRL+V) folder paths (text, e.g. from Explorer address bar) when the browser has the focus (TAB) to change the location.
You can now toggle hidden folders with CTRL+H, when the browser has the focus.
New button (target symbol next to menu button) and global hotkey (e.g. WIN+ALT+L) to locate the active file in browser and playlist, and to show the main window, in one go.
New buttons to play next/previous folder (small arrows next to menu button), which are the same as the CTRL+DOWN/UP shortcuts.

Time display is now updated immediately on position changes.
File list is now always focused on startup, i.e. arrow keys, etc. can be used right from the start.
Improved internal recycle/delete features to be more reliable.
Disabled screen snap (to screen edges) on Windows 10 to work around broken screen coordinate system APIs.
Thank you, Microsoft.
Non-drives hidden from browser's drives section on Windows 10.

Several error messages when trying to open up multiple files with Resonic from Windows Explorer.
This fix applies to the setup version.
Playback no longer stops after the first file when opening files via Windows Explorer, or command-line.
Stopping playback with NUMPAD+0 broke playback.
Playback is now stopped as intended with a short fade out, just like the stop button does.
Drag & drop of multiple files into Resonic's browser sometimes failed.
Additional files showed up in file list when files were renamed externally, or overwritten in some cases (e.g. by Ableton Live)
(reported: A. Fodor)
Some DSD audio files (.dff) not showing up properly in Windows Explorer.
Several smaller fixes related to the integrated browser.
Preferences window focus glitch.
Improved Explorer integration, especially when Player and Pro, and/or Beta versions are installed side-by-side.[/more]
Автор: Engaged Clown
Дата сообщения: 08.02.2016 16:57
Resonic v0.7.1 beta

[more=Подробнее]Release Summary
This Resonic Player Limited Edition update shows off the dark user interface theme, switchable in Resonic Pro, for the very first time,
and is being promoted by our friends at MethLab Recordings in celebration of their first EP release.
It will be the only dark-themed free version for the time being.
Please read the remarks before installing.

Important: This release will replace your existing Resonic Player installation.
You can alternatively use the portable version.
Important: All relevant user data is now stored in a folder called Resonic in your personal documents folder.
You will have to set up your bookmarks and hotkeys again.
If you know what you're doing you can copy your old database files (Roaming\Liqube\Resonic Beta) to the new location (Documents\Resonic\Player Beta\Database).
You can alternatively use the portable version.
Some dialogs, e.g. preferences, are not fully themed yet.

New features
New window frame and caption, for all Windows versions.
Added cut/copy/paste features to browser context menu.
Introducing fullscreen mode: press F11 to toggle fullscreen, mouse-drag the header bar to exit fullscreen.
Added accent to highlight the active main element (browser, file list).

Clipboard now cleared after successful move operations, e.g. when pasting files.
Opus decoder updated to libOpus 1.1.1

Offline or broken bookmarks were not displayed in the correct color.
Fixed and improved Paste here in file list context menu.
Squashed numerous smaller bugs.[/more]
Автор: wvxwxvw
Дата сообщения: 09.02.2016 13:13
Engaged Clown
А где скачать? По ссылкам 0.7 качается.
Автор: Morozko
Дата сообщения: 27.02.2016 23:16
Может у кого нибудь есть pro?
Автор: Andarin
Дата сообщения: 28.02.2016 04:45
Ни у кого нет. Если только у разработчиков. На сайте сказано - "скоро будет". Давненько уже.
Дата сообщения: 28.02.2016 06:32
Действительно неплохой плеер. Убивает только то что нет возможности увеличить размер шрифта в нём. Или может я не нашёл как его менять, или это будет в Про версии?
Автор: wvxwxvw
Дата сообщения: 28.02.2016 11:59
Ну так кто ни будь нашел 0.7.1 beta от 08-02-2016г ? Сделали обьяву и успокоились, с таким подходом они ни когда ни зафиналят.
Автор: NikT
Дата сообщения: 20.05.2016 09:28
0.7.1 качается тут, но тёмная схема как-то уж слишком темновата. Проигрыватель понравился, без лишних приблуд. Ещё бы сонограмму сделали как одну из визуализаций.
Автор: wvxwxvw
Дата сообщения: 20.05.2016 15:38
Ну на конец то. Исправил шапку.

Спасибо. Для меня интерфейс как раз.
Автор: NikT
Дата сообщения: 21.05.2016 16:05
У меня почему-то самопроизвольно громкость устанавливается на 75%, даже если я ставлю её на другое значение.
Автор: wvxwxvw
Дата сообщения: 21.05.2016 19:03
У меня нормально. Попробуйте сменить место хранения настроек.
Автор: OlegSh777
Дата сообщения: 22.05.2016 22:04
Существует ли офф. локализация иль только возможно правкой ресурсов исполняемого файла (библиотекой ресурсов)?
С уважением
Автор: sookool
Дата сообщения: 27.06.2016 16:12
а про ни у кого не появилась?
Автор: wvxwxvw
Дата сообщения: 28.06.2016 12:10
И вряд ли появится, так как, как я понимаю, плеер будет только фри, как демонстрация, а про это уже полноценная студия.

Who is Resonic Pro for?

The Pro version is being designed with audio professionals in mind:

music producers, composers
sound designers, audio engineers, from recording to mastering
video game producers, designers
video editors
audio content producers (e.g. sample CDs)
Автор: NikT
Дата сообщения: 02.08.2016 17:49

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